If you can't say something nice....

Lately I've been having problems with spreading gossip around through my phone. In an effort to purge myself of these bad habits, I have created a friendly reminder on the lock screen of my iPhone...

I have countless memories from my childhood of my mother reciting this phrase to me. Apparently the message never stuck, if here I am at 24 still needing this reminder. If you don't recognize it, it comes from the movie Bambi.

Now, whenever I unlock my screen to start that nasty, gossip spreading text, I will be reminded to only say nice things. Let me tell you though, I've already stopped myself from saying something rude, and it's only been 48 hours. And because I think the world could use a little less gossip, I've added a few different colors as free downloads. I also added a matching home screen if you so desire :)!

Click on the color you would like to download, and follow the link to the download page. Save them to your phone, and add as wallpaper. Enjoy!


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